How long does it take to apply for a license?

The whole application process can take around 4 to 6 weeks but can vary depending on how quickly you turn in your paperwork and bond.

What kind of Insurance or bond is required to apply for a dealer’s license?

 Surety Bond (30K) is required to apply for a dealer’s license. It is necessary to submit a Bond to the state, along with your application. We will refer you to a trusted insurance agency to take care of your bonding needs.

Where can I get dealers my bond?

We work with companies that specialize in Surety Bonds. We will set you up with an insurance professional who can help you obtain your bond fast and easy!

Is this my own License or am I an agent of some LLC?

This will be your own license.  The license will be in your name and it is for you to manage as you see fit. We provide you with the ability to have and maintain a license by leasing in our facilities.

Can I add members to my auction account once I have my license?

Yes. Different auctions have different rules about how many members one license can have. However, many allow you to add members for free, so you can add and remove members as you see fit.

How do I get my mail?

It is included in our services! Our office staff collects and processes your mail on a weekly basis. ADL will forward your correspondence to your home or office within the United States.

What kinds of cars are sold at the auctions?

Depending on the type of auction, you could find virtually any vehicle of any make, model, from economy cars to high-end exotics! All auctions will have a list of the vehicles they run days in advance. You can search those listings by year, model and even VIN numbers. You can even run a CARFAX on the vehicles prior to bidding. Most auctions feature off lease vehicles, new car trade ins and repossessed units. Companies such as Enterprise, AVIS and many others offload their inventory as well. Financing companies such as Nissan Financial, Ford Financial, HSBC, Chase and Wells Fargo also sell their cars at the auctions.

Are there any warranties on vehicles sold by the auctions?

Depending on the auction, rules can vary. All auctions offer some kind of auction guarantee program. Inquire with auctions for specific rules. There are inspection services available pre/post sale that ensure the condition of the vehicle.

Will this license allow me to buy from insurance auctions?

Yes, however, each state has their own rules governing salvage or damaged vehicle sales. All auctions that specialize in damaged vehicles have to follow state regulations. Inquire with your particular auction to see if you qualify to purchase those vehicles with your Washington wholesale license

Are dealer plates available?

Yes! Dealer Plates can be applied for at the time of application.

Is it legal to drive on dealer plates?

Yes. If you are a registered dealer then your plates are legal in any of the 50 states. Keep in mind that dealer plates are used for business purposes only and not for leisure. Your plates come with their own registration.

How do I get started?

Call us at 844-744-9216 or email us at for immediate information.