As many great things start American Dealer License Inc. came to life from a single need. The need to simplify. ADL came together to help out others in the process of applying for an auto dealer license. Making it easier and better!

Ownership and management have over 30 years of experience in Auto Auctions, Auto Sales, Banking, Finance, Marketing and Commercial Real Estate. Compiling this experience has allowed us to navigate through the rules and regulations and cut through the red tape, achieving your auto dealer license and all the benefits you get by having one. Here at ADL we recognized the need to streamline this process and decided to share with others the passion we have for autos and auto auctions.

The ADL team rounded up in 2007 and since then, We have helped license thousands of individuals and access dealer auctions from all over the nation! They have switched their passion for automobiles into a profitable and honest means of living.

Long story short, they get to do what they love! And the best part is that we are passionate about the auto auction world, meaning we definitely love it too! To further assist you, a dealership license is another step. As difficult as it may sound to accomplish, it is vital to your business growth. Here at ADL we establish a place of business for you in our facilities, we create your business identity and help you qualify to apply for a dealer license.

Our goal is to assist, empower, and help you blossom in the auto auction and auto dealer business. Our mission to help you succeed and turn that passion for automobiles into a way to work for yourself with endless potential.